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Hvac Unit Cleaning Castle Rock Colorado

When Is It Time for Your HVAC System To Get Some Cleaning

The HVAC system keeps your living or workspace comfortable year-round. It can only be achieved if the system is regularly maintained and cleaned. If you don’t regularly maintain and service your HVAC units, you might find yourself with a busted AC and an even bigger, costlier problem to fix.

Knowing the signs when one needs to have their HVAC system checked can be very helpful for every homeowner. If you need some guidance, here is a list of the signs you should watch out for.

Your HVAC System Produces Weird Noises

Noises from HVAC systems are actually quite common. They are prevalent in systems that have many years under their belts. In older systems, the air ducts can get clogged with debris, causing the system to work harder and make more noise when handling the airflow.

The noise can be a squeak, a whistle, or a groaning sound. It is a warning sign that you should get the system checked.

You Smell Unpleasant Odor Coming From It

You’re probably already familiar with the smell of your HVAC system. If you smell something different, it should be a warning sign. It could be a warning that you need to check your system because something happened. It could mean a leak in your system or a problem with your filter. Don’t take your chances by leaving it for later. Get it checked as soon as possible.

The Heating and Cooling Is Not Like Before

If you feel like you’re not getting the proper heating and cooling temperature as you used to, your system is probably not working as it should. That might not be a sudden occurrence; it could also have been happening for a while before you actually noticed.

HVAC systems work to make your space more comfortable. If something is wrong with your system, it can’t do what it’s meant to do. It could be a sign that you are experiencing a bigger problem.

The System Is Covered With Dust

A system covered with dust and grime is a sign that you need to service and check it. When your system has to work harder and longer to heat or cool your house, it tends to get dusty and grimy.

If it is constantly covered with dust, the system has a problem. It is working too hard, and you should address the issue. If you do not clean the system regularly, the dust can cause the system to break down, and it can even cause health issues if the dust gets mixed with the air you breathe in.

Your Power Consumption Has Spiked

If you notice that your power consumption is higher than usual, it’s likely because your home’s HVAC system is not running properly. Usually, you would expect your consumption to go up during the summer months while using the cooling system. If your consumption is up even when you’re not using your HVAC system too much, this could indicate a problem.

While it’s not likely that your power bill will spike significantly, you can expect your bill to be higher than usual. With an increase in power bills, there is a chance that you need to get a new system.


Like any other system in our home, the HVAC system needs to be well maintained and serviced regularly. If you’re not sure how well your system is running or if it’s in good condition, it’s time you get it checked. These are some warning signs you need to watch out for. If you feel like your system is not working like it should be, make sure you contact a professional for help.

If you need HVAC unit cleaning or repair in Castle Rock, contact us for immediate assistance. CG Heating & Cooling provides solutions for heat pump repair issues and free estimates for new equipment installation.