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HVAC Maintenance Program

Preventative maintenance to keep your heating & cooling system working efficiently.

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What is HVAC Maintenance?

When our team visits your home, we will conduct a thorough inspection and maintenance service. During our visit, we will:

Inspect the electrical connections
Check low voltage terminals
Check high voltage terminals
Check evaporator coil & clean
Inspect fan blade
Check motors and bearings
Test capacitor & relays
Inspect the contactor
Check and calibrate thermostat
Balance refrigerant charge
Analyze amperage draw
Check compressor operation
Clean the drain lines & pan
Test heat strip operation
Check for mold & algae
Check defrost operation
Check damper operation
Inspect heat exchanger
Inspect flue



Are you ready to extend the lifespan of your system, lower your monthly bills, and have peace of mind? Join the HVAC Maintenance Program today!

For more details regarding our membership, please contact our office at (720) 284-2849

*Our maintenance plans start at $199/per year. Please view plan options and details below to select the plan that’s right for you!

Maintenance Plan Options

Essential Comfort
$199/per year

We’ve designed the Essential Comfort Plan to provide you with peace of mind all year round

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance: We’ll perform a comprehensive maintenance service once a year to keep your system running at peak efficiency.
  • Quarterly Filter Replacements: Every three months, we’ll replace your 1” HVAC filter, ensuring clean air and optimal system performance.
  • Pre-Season Scheduling: Get ahead of the rush with priority scheduling for pre-season check-ups, ensuring your system is ready for whatever the weather brings.
  • 10% Off Repairs: Should your system need a repair, you’ll receive an exclusive 10% discount on our services.
  • No Diagnostic Fee: Up to two times per year, we’ll waive our diagnostic fee, making it easier for you to keep your system in top shape.
  • Exclusive Membership Promotions: Stay tuned for special offers and promotions available only to our Essential Comfort Plan members.
  • $100 Annual Equipment Replacement Credit: Planning an upgrade? Enjoy a $100 credit each year towards the purchase of a new system.
  • System Cleaning and Inspection: We’ll keep your HVAC system clean and conduct thorough inspections to catch any potential issues early.
  • Includes One 1” Filter: Start off right with a complimentary 1” filter on us.
Enhanced Climate
$250/per year

The Enhanced Climate Plan focus is on preventative care and exclusive benefits, this plan is crafted to ensure your HVAC system performs flawlessly throughout the year.

  • Annual Preventative Maintenance: Our expert team will conduct an annual maintenance service to optimize your system’s performance, ensuring it runs efficiently no matter the season.
  • Quarterly Filter Replacements: Breath easier with quarterly replacements of your 1” HVAC filter, maintaining air quality and system efficiency.
  • Pre-Season Scheduling: Enjoy priority access to pre-season scheduling, making sure your system is prepared ahead of each season’s demands.
  • 10% Off Repairs: Receive an exclusive 10% discount on any repairs, saving you money while keeping your system in top condition.
  • No Diagnostic Fee: We’ll waive the diagnostic fee for up to two service calls per year, providing you with added value and peace of mind.
  • Exclusive Membership Promotions: As a valued member of our Enhanced Climate Plan, you’ll be the first to know about special offers and promotions.
  • $100 Annual Equipment Replacement Credit: Thinking about an upgrade? Enjoy a $100 credit every year towards the purchase of a new HVAC system.
  • System Cleaning and Inspection: Comprehensive cleaning and a detailed inspection ensure your system’s longevity and reliability.
  • Includes One 1” Filter: Start off on the right foot with a complimentary 1” filter from us.
Premier Climate Control
$400/per year

The Premier Climate Control Plan ensures that your home’s heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system operates at its best, delivering unparalleled comfort and efficiency all year round.

  • Bi-Annual Preventative Maintenance: Not once, but twice a year, our expert technicians will perform comprehensive maintenance services to keep your system in peak condition.
  • Quarterly Filter Replacements: We’ll replace your 1” filter every three months, ensuring your air is clean and your system runs efficiently.
  • Pre-Season Scheduling: Gain exclusive access to our pre-season scheduling, ensuring your system is ready to handle the seasonal demands.
  • 10% Off Repairs: Benefit from a 10% discount on any repairs to help maintain your system without breaking the bank.
  • No Diagnostic Fee: Enjoy up to two diagnostic fee waivers per year, offering even greater value and peace of mind.
  • Exclusive Membership Promotions: Be the first to access special offers and promotions, available only to our Premier members.
  • $100 Annual Equipment Replacement Credit: Every year, accrue a $100 credit towards the purchase of a new HVAC system, preparing you for the future.
  • Comprehensive System Cleaning and Inspection: Benefit from detailed system cleaning and a thorough inspection checklist to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Includes One 1” Filter: Start your plan off right with a complimentary 1” filter on us.


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