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CG Heating and Cooling has over 15 years of experience working with HVAC systems, we have met and overcome almost every problem you can think of on the job. From repairing the air conditioning in your home to servicing your furnace, CG Heating and Cooling promises to do the job right.


HVAC is an acronym that stands for Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning. Most people refer to it simply as air conditioning, but there’s a great deal more to it. Here we provide the basics that you need to know.


While anything from a furnace to a wall-mounted air conditioner could be considered HVAC, the term is most often used in referring to the modern “whole home” systems where both heating and cooling are centralized. This system greatly improves comfort, as people no longer need to rely on space heaters, which heat unevenly, and wall or window air conditioners that blow cold air in mostly one direction.

There are many types of HVAC systems. Those with a heat pump are the most popular. There is also a type where the air conditioner and furnace form one unit, and combination gas furnace and heat pump systems can save considerably on utility costs.

Whole home systems can cut utility bills and greatly increase the livability of a home. Keeping a home comfortable is important and the whole home systems are the best choice for comfort and efficiency.


HVAC refers to the complete heating, ventilation and air conditioning system – not just the heating and cooling equipment. Whole home systems usually consist of an outdoor unit and an indoor unit that contains the blower, cooling coils and air filter. The other main element of an HVAC system is the ductwork that channels the heated or cooled air to the different rooms of the home. This consists of a main trunk line with branching sidelines that lead to different locations. The trunking could be located in the attic or under the house, as long as it’s out of sight. Another important part of the HVAC system is the exhaust system which eliminates old, dirty or toxic air from the home.


New HVAC technology is constantly emerging, including the new solar-powered hybrid systems. New homes are more and more frequently designed around sustainable HVAC systems (including solar, geothermal and wind), while improvements in HVAC technology are making it easier to upgrade older homes.

While all HVAC systems must meet federal and state mandates for performance, this doesn’t mean that they are all the same quality or efficiency. If you’re planning to upgrade or purchase a new system, contact CG Heating and Cooling today to help plan your system and ensure it’s right for your home or business, for now and into the future. Call or text us at (720) 284-2849