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Air Conditioning In Castle Rock Colorado

5 Easy Ways to Save Energy & Expenses on AC During the Summer

The summer can bring oppressive heat. It could be tempting to stay inside during the sweltering summer days, as a result. However, it may increase electricity costs, especially on using air conditioning in Westminster, CO.

Luckily, there are things to do so you can improve the efficiency of your air conditioner and lower your summer energy costs. Here are doable steps you may take this season to lower the price and energy use of your air conditioner.

Cover Up Windows

Direct sunlight can heat your home by coming in through your windows. It may cause the temperature of your room to rise by up to 10 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Additionally, it might require more energy from your air conditioner to cool the space. To reduce solar heat absorption, installing window coverings like shutters, roll-up shades, and curtains can help.

You can draw the drapes or shut the blinds on windows that are exposed to direct sunlight. You can do it all over your house if you’re gone during the day.

If you are at home, you can close the drapes on windows that face east in the morning. You can close the ones facing west in the morning and open them in the afternoon.

Insulate and Seal Your Doors and Windows

Insulation is a great way to reduce the heat that can enter your house through the walls. In the winter and summer, it can help keep your space cozy and cool. Additionally, you may prevent your room from getting as hot as an oven by insulating your attic.

You can avoid having an overheated house by insulating your attic. By doing this, you might cut your cooling expenses by up to 40%. You can use blown-in cellulose insulation in your attic. It’s the most sensible and cost-effective strategy to lower the amount of energy you use for cooling and heating.

Invest in A Smart Thermostat

An upgrade to a smart thermostat is a terrific way to reduce your summer cooling and heating costs. Using this excellent tool on occasion will help you save money while adjusting your cooling system. On your mobile device, an app can be used to modify the settings automatically.

Using a smart thermostat will let you increase the temperature in your home while you are sleeping or away. By utilizing this tool for your AC’s heating and cooling in Westminster, CO, you can improve comfort in your space. As a result, you can save around 10% on your cooling costs.

The smart thermostat may be used to turn on or off your air conditioning system remotely. It can also help to automatically keep the temperature in your house at a consistent level throughout the day and night.

Make Use of A Ceiling Fan

Your room’s temperature could be reduced by up to 10 degrees for a reasonable price by using a ceiling fan. It just uses 10% more energy compared to a central air conditioner. Your smart thermostat allows you to raise the temperature by up to 4 degrees Celsius without sacrificing comfort.

Your room’s air may be properly moved by a ceiling fan, which can also help create a breeze all around it. It can also make your surroundings more comfortable due to its wind-chill effect. To aid in global efforts to preserve energy, you should also turn off the fan when not in use.

Prevent A Buildup of Daytime Heat

The summer heat may cause the temperature inside your house to climb. As a result, you should avoid doing anything that makes you sweat, especially during the day. The dishwasher, stovetop cooking, and clothes drying are all included.

Instead, consider using an outside microwave or grill, drying your clothes on a line, and hand-washing and air-drying your dishes. Attempting to finish them at night, when it’s cooler, is another option. Using a bathroom exhaust fan while taking a shower will also assist in removing additional heat and humidity.


It isn’t always sufficient to install a programmed thermostat and use an energy-efficient air conditioner. If you don’t maintain the equipment properly, you won’t be able to reduce the cost of your cooling expenses. If your air conditioner’s filters are clogged, it will be more difficult to cool your home throughout the summer. So, make sure to look for residential HVAC services in Castle Rock in case these happen!

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