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Heat Pump Repair Company In Castle Rock Colorado

4 Signs You Need Heat Pump Repair

Your heat pump is essential to your Castle Rock home or business’ heating system. Most of the time, it runs smoothly, and we don’t think about it. We only really pay attention to it when something goes wrong. However, when this happens, it can be costly to fix. Often, we can avoid needing a professional if we catch the problem early.

Take the time to inspect your heat pump regularly (the changing seasons and weather conditions in Castle Rock, Colorado require it) and look out for the following signs that you might need heat pump repair:

1. Restricted Airflow

If you start to notice that your home or business is not heating as well as it used to, then you should look at the coils inside your unit. If you see that they are clogged with debris, you will need to clean them. If the debris is a long-term problem, you might need to have a professional clean the unit and check it over.

Here are some common heat pump airflow issues:

  • Clogged Air Filters — A clogged filter restricts air flow and could lead to reduced energy efficiency or the unit shutting down completely. Clean or replace the filter if it is excessively dirty.
  • Wrong Fan Settings — Make sure your fan setting is set to “on” or “auto” instead of “off”, as this will ensure proper air movement within the system.
  • Obstructed Vents — Ensure there are no obstructions blocking exterior vents, such as leaves, twigs, dirt, etc., that can limit the amount of air coming into and out of the unit.
  • Malfunctioning Parts — Check for worn belts and other malfunctioning parts that can prevent full air flow from moving through the system properly.
  • Poorly Insulated Ducts — If the ductwork running through your home isn’t properly insulated, heat can escape and cause reduced airflow throughout the unit.

If you have animals or small children in your home, you need to be aware that they love to play in vents and can often clog them up with debris. This will have the same effect as if there was a blockage in the coils, as the airflow will be restricted, and the unit will not perform as well as it should.

2. Inefficient Operation

If your heat pump is not working well, you must check to see if the coils are dirty. They can become dirty for several reasons, such as dust, pet hair, and dirt. A professional can clean your heat pump and check that it is working as it should. They will also be able to tell you what you can do to improve the airflow and the efficiency of your heat pump.

If your thermostat does not work properly, you will need to see if it is the thermostat itself or the wiring. Again, a professional can check your unit and repair the problem.

3. Ice on the Coils

This is a more serious problem. In extreme cases, the pipes inside the heat pump can burst, and you will need to replace the entire unit. However, if the pipes are just leaking, then you might be able to have them repaired. When your heat pump runs, there should be no frost or ice on the coils. If you see this, then you need to have it checked out. If you have noticed ice building up on the coils of your heat pump HVAC unit, it is important to take immediate steps to prevent further damage. While there are many potential causes for this issue, here are a few tips for how to handle it:

  • Check Your Air Filters — A clogged or dirty air filter not only restricts airflow but also can cause frost buildup and blockage of the evaporator coil. Make sure your filters are clean and in good condition.
  • Adjust Your Fan Settings — Make sure the fan settings on your unit are set correctly; if it is set to “off”, you may be restricting airflow throughout the system and causing ice buildup.
  • Clean Any Obstructions — Look for any debris such as leaves, twigs or dirt that is blocking vents and preventing proper air movement into and out of the unit.
  • Check Temperature Sensors — If your temperature sensors aren’t working properly, they may be sending incorrect signals to your thermostat and causing frost buildup in certain areas.
  • Inspect Refrigerant Lines — If refrigerant lines become blocked, restricted or punctured due to age or improper installation, it can lead to reduced air flow in your system, resulting in colder temperatures at the evaporator coil which can cause frost buildup and icing issues over time.

Taking proactive steps like checking filters, adjusting fan settings and cleaning obstructions will help ensure that your system is running efficiently with adequate airflow throughout which helps prevent ice build up on the evaporator coil in future instances.

4. Noisy

If your heat pump is making noises or vibrating, it might break down. You may be able to have it repaired, but it will definitely be better to have it replaced before it does break.

Here are some reasons you may encounter a noisy heat pump unit, and areas to check:

  • Loose Parts — Parts such as compressors, fans, and belts that are loose or misaligned can cause noise and vibration within the system.
  • Clogged Filters — A dirty filter restricts air flow, which may cause rattling noises due to poor air movement. Clean or replace the filter if it is dirty.
  • Debris Blockage — Debris such as leaves or twigs trapped in the fan blades can create a rattling noise when running or moving through the unit.
  • Condensate Line Blockage — If your condensate line isn’t draining properly, you may hear gurgling sounds coming from your unit due to water build up in the pipes.
  • Blower Motor Issues — If there is an issue with the blower motor it may cause loud clanking or banging noises to come from your heat pump HVAC unit.

If you notice any of the above problems, you should see if you can fix them yourself. You will not need to call in a professional if you can. If you can’t, then you should definitely hire a professional to look at your unit.


These are all signs you will need to repair your heat pump and call in a professional. If you live in a climate where you do not need your air conditioner or heat pump to work all year round, consider renting it rather than buying it. They are expensive to purchase and maintain, and you will likely only need them for half a year.

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