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Heat Pump Maintenance Castle Rock

Why Does Your Heat Pump Malfunction – 5 Common Problems

A heat pump problem can cause despair, especially if it is your only space heating and cooling option. In times like this, immediate action is always better to find solutions faster. Given this, it would be best for every homeowner to know precisely when their heat pumps are experiencing problems.

To give you an idea, here are the common causes of why a household experiences heat pump issues:

Problem 1: The Heat Pump Blower Does Not Work

Heat pumps have built-in fans that help circulate the air in the room. If the blower in the heat pump stops working, the fans that push the air won’t be able to run. They will either run in reverse mode or not at all.

A failed blower can be the main reason the pump stops working altogether. The fan inside the heat pump may be getting weak, so it does not have the power to run.

There are a few causes for this problem:

  1. The motor may be defective.
  2. The fan coils may be frozen.
  3. The power supply may be faulty.

Problem 2: Failing to Heat or Cool

Seasonal use of a heat pump can cause it to stop working. If you only use it during the winter, the pump may malfunction because of a lack of use. This is especially true if the thermal transfer fluid in the pump has decreased or evaporated.

In these cases, it is best to have the heat pump professionally inspected and serviced to avoid bigger problems down the road.

Problem 3: Thermostat and Power Issue

A thermostat is the part of the heat pump that controls the room’s temperature. When it is satisfied with the temperature level, it signals the pump to stop. However, it could also be a problem with the power source. A faulty outlet or power surge can cause a heat pump to stop working. In this case, a simple resetting of the circuit breaker or a new outlet can solve the problem.

Problem 4: It Produces Strange Noises

The heat pump may make several strange noises, such as squealing. A pump that makes whirring or humming noises indicates worn-out bearings. In this case, the pump may fail to perform as expected.

As for the squealing noise, it can also be caused by a blockage in the oil return line. If a pipe is blocked or kinked, you can hear a whining noise from the pump. Lint, dirt, rust, and other debris can cause this blockage.

If you are experiencing a heat pump problem that you cannot handle, the best thing to do is call a professional. They will help you fix the problem and prevent further issues.

Problem 5: The Heat Pump Cycles Are Erratic

Sometimes, the problem isn’t with the heat pump but with the thermostat itself. If the heat pump cycles too frequently during the evening, you may have a defective thermostat.

A thermostat can be a problem, especially if it is mechanical. A semi-automatic thermostat, for example, does not include a temperature lockout which does not allow the thermostat to turn on for a certain period.

The heat pump may cycle on and off all night because of a defective thermostat. In this case, you will have to manually turn it on during the night and off in the morning.


The heat pump is an excellent source of heating and cooling. It helps save money on your electric bills and is environmentally friendly. The best part about using a heat pump is that you can stop using the furnace when the weather is mild. You can then use the heat pump for heating your house when the temperature drops.

Despite its many benefits, a functional heat pump can suddenly stop working, so it is essential to know why a heat pump problem happens. If you want to avoid unnecessary repairs, it is best to invest in a high-quality heat pump.

If you need heat pump maintenance, repair, or replacement, contact us at (720) 284-2849 for immediate assistance. CG Heating & Cooling provides solutions for all heat pump repair issues and free estimates for new equipment installation.