Mitsubishi Ductless Heat Pump System Castle Rock

Ductless Heat Pump System

Homeowner has all electric baseboard heating, after speaking with her she wanted something more efficient and that will heat her home so she can be comfortable. We installed a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system with 3 indoor units and 1 outdoor unit that will heat and cool her house properly. Each room has its own indoor wall mounted unit to control the temperature as needed. These Mitsubishi ductless systems are quiet and very efficient.

Mitsubishi Split AC system Rifle Colorado

Residential Split AC System


This customer’s home located in Rifle, Colorado, is nearly 3000 sq ft utilizing only a roof mounted swamp cooler, which was not providing sufficient cooling during the hot summer months. The customer supplemented the swamp cooler with several window mounted AC units; however, there were several issues with this setup from high utility bills to the inconvenience of setup every Spring to storage of the window units in the winter, and in addition security concerns created due to having the windows open 24/7.  We worked with the customer to select an appropriate 4-head high-efficiency Split AC system capable of providing not only ample cooling in the summer but also heating in the winter.  A large head was mounted in the common living area, and smaller heads were mounted in each of the bedrooms. All heads can be controlled independently to ensure a perfect cooling or heating temperature year-round.



This customer chose top of the line Mitsubishi Electric brand for his residential split AC system for long lasting reliability and durability.


Energy Savings

After using the new Split AC system all summer, our customer reported an average of a 50% savings in his utility bill after switching to the high-efficiency split AC system.