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5 Ways to Ensure Your Home Has a Healthy HVAC System

Many homeowners have their system serviced in the spring and fall but don’t think about it the rest of the year. With the temperature fluctuation from summer to winter, it’s important to check your system regularly to ensure maximum efficiency. After all, your HVAC system is a silent hero that ensures your home is a comfortable space to live in, no matter the season.

With that in mind, how do you give your HVAC system the TLC it needs and provide a living space that is cozy and guarantees a refreshing indoor air quality? The following fall HVAC tune-up tips will help keep your indoor air quality clean and fresh all year round, right on schedule.

Tip #1: Be Sure Your HVAC System is Well-Ventilated by Clearing the Surrounding Area

Believe it or not, your HVAC system can suffer from poor air ventilation, which can lead to various issues overheating and buildup of odor-causing moisture. Ensure that there are at least two feet of space surrounding your HVAC system to allow for airflow in and out of your house.

If you need to cut down on the amount of space surrounding your HVAC system, do so by trimming down hedges, trees, and bushes. Never close off the air vents to your system.

Tip #2: Conduct a Seasonal HVAC Maintenance Plan

Schedule your HVAC maintenance approximately once a month during the colder months of the year and once every three months during the warmer months of the year. This means that many homeowners will be handling the maintenance of their HVAC system in the fall.

In the early fall, you should schedule a tune-up around September or October. This will allow you to deal with any issues that might arise before your system is pushed to the limit with the cool air of fall and winter.

Tip #3: Always Inspect and Clean the Air Filters

Many homeowners don’t take the time to inspect and clean the air filters in their HVAC systems and wonder why the air quality in their homes isn’t quite what it should be. Dust, pollen, and other contaminants can settle on air filters and cause unpleasant smells and irritation.

Replace air filters when needed and clean them thoroughly to ensure the HVAC system can run properly, with lower risks of breaking down along the way.

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Tip #4: Invest in a Programmable Thermostat

The next time you consider getting a new thermostat, opt for an energy-efficient programmable thermostat. These thermostats can be programmed to automatically change temperature throughout the day and can save a lot of energy in the long run.

A programmable thermostat will ensure that your system is always working at its peak efficiency and doesn’t experience any unnecessary wear and tear, especially during the cold months.

Tip #5: Keep the Evaporator and Condenser Coils Clean

Evaporator and condenser coils pull heat from the air and transfer it to the system, which will then transfer it to the rest of your home. If these coils become dirty, it will cause your system to work much harder to keep your home at the temperature you desire and may also cause your system to break down sooner.

The Bottom Line: How Caring for Your HVAC System Keeps Your Indoor Air Quality Fresh and Efficient All Year Round

With these fall HVAC tune-up tips, you can enjoy high-quality indoor air all year round without having to fork over a lot of money in the process. Investing in a fully functioning HVAC system and well-ventilated goes a long way in reducing the risk of indoor air quality problems, especially during the cold months.

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